Public Art for Community
Community for Public Art

“For our work to have relevance and meaning the work has to involve the community.” - Ximena Elgueda

Our work has to do with the landscape, and expanding the ideas of personal and community engagement. Through recontextualizing the place with people, we foment the exchange of ideas, which over time lends to rethinking cultural/social concepts within a community. Participants leave projects with more than they came with: a sense of being interconnected through art.

Physical support:

Human resources

Human resources

Our “Come when you can. Do what you can.” policy allows 5 to 85 year olds to play a part. This broad cross section of ages share and focused on a common goal. Ultimately, the collective effort becomes the project’s modus operandi. The act of collaboration brings celebration to what we can do together: human potential.

Material resources

Material resources

These public art projects require literally tons of materials. Through networking we are able to find ways, either recycled or donated materials, to meet needs. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have worked together to build public spaces for generations to enjoy.

Support: Play a part

Play a part

"Not for client”, self sponsored work allows people to get involved without the complication of where is the money coming from (not from taxes) and for whose benefit (not for corporate). Our work strives to be self sustainable. For this reason, all proceeds from the sales of our art work, plus activities run by our N.P.O. The Creative Culture Institute, go to the realization of projects.

As our public art projects become construction sites, we rely on our ever-growing community for support. Here is where human generosity either lends technical advice, material donations or financial endowment. Even if a project has no guaranteed outcome, people become a part of a larger dream, the benefits of which are felt within the community. Thanks to combined efforts, these projects move closer to completion. We invite you to play a part.